Surf Skiing

Surf Skiing on Langebaan Lagoon.
Down Winders to Mykonos

Paddling for the Langebaan yacht club to Club Mykonos (hobbie beach) or kite surfing from shark bay to main beach outside Pearlys, and the down wind dash (will come back to this one another day.

On a really windy day with an out going tide the big guns (David from Pearlys and a bunch of paddling members from Langebaan Yacht club) will paddle from the Yacht club to the beach known as Hobbie beach next to Club Mykonos, David says it takes about 35 minutes and it’s a great ride, Ive never done it because I cant stay in my paddle ski that long (or maybe i’m scared!)

The yacht club also holds kiddy paddling classes, they call them guppies, contact David from Pearlys if you want more information. The other down winder is to kite from shark bay to Pearly’s, if you haven’t been kiting too long you should’nt try this, and NEVER do it on your own, so go spend the day kitting at shark bay, instead of packing up and walking back up the hill, kite down to main beach it really does give you a great sense of achievement, you feel like you are out in the big wide ocean, and normally kiting consist of trying to get back to where you started from, enjoy it.